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Anul scolar 2011-2012

Limba englezĂ“ƒ
Clasa a V- a L1

Numele si prenumele elevului:
Data susĂÂinerii testului:


Ăâ Pentru rezolvarea corectĂ“ƒ a tuturor cerinĂÂelor din Partea I si din Partea a II-a se acordĂ“ƒ 90 de puncte. Din oficiu se acordĂ“ƒ 10 puncte.
Ăâ Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 45 de minute.

PARTEA I (60 de puncte)

1. Fill in the gaps using the following words: thief, spending, eating, under, down, watch, LetĂââ“s, teeth, in, on.

James is at his grandparents in the countryside. They live in a beautiful village.
One day, James is sitting in a cherry tree and he is 1)___________ ripe cherries.
Suddenly, a man and his dog come 2)__________ the tree.
ĂâœCome 3)___________!Ăâ he says to James.
ĂâœNo, I donĂââ“t want. IĂââ“m afraid of your dog.ĂâÂ
ĂâœThen stay there. Spike, sit down and 4)__________ the tree and the boy.ĂâÂ
James is waiting in the tree, looking at SpikeĂââ“s big 5)__________. Half an hour
later, the man is back with JackĂââ“s grandfather.
ĂâœWhere is the 6)_____________?Ăâ says grandpa.
ĂâœThere, 7)___________ the cherry tree.ĂâÂ
Grandpa looks up and smiles: ĂâœBut thatĂââ“s my grandson,Ăâ grandpa says. ĂâœHe is 8) ___________ his holidays 9)__________ my farm. Come down, James. 10)__________ go home. Grandma is waiting for us.ĂâÂ


2. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Continuous or Simple Present.

1. Father ________________ (read) the newspaper now.
2. She _________________ (cook) in the kitchen at the moment.
3. Look! ItĂââ“s ________________ (snow).
4. My sister ______________ (tidy) her room every day.
5. The children _______________ (not/ play) football now.
6. He usually _____________ (start) work at 9.30.
7. Listen! Mother ________________ (play) the piano.
8. Ann ________________ (not/visit) her grandparents every week.
9. He often _____________ (go) to church on Sundays.
10. The girls________________ (swim) in the sea now.


3. Write the correct plural form of the words:
a. bush - _________
b. mouse - ________
c. radio - _________
d. potato - ________

(4x0,5 p=2p)

4. Fill in who, whose, what, when, where, why, how much, how many:
a. ______________ are you wearing a coat? Because itĂââ“s cold.
b. ______________ is your party? On Saturday.
c. ______________ are these football boots? They are JohnĂââ“s.
d. ______________ money have you got? ĂÂ 20.
e. ______________ is your school? ItĂââ“s near the station.
f. ______________ brothers have you got? Two brothers.
g. ______________ is the cheese? ItĂââ“s in the fridge.
h. ______________ is your sisterĂââ“s name? Monica.
i. ______________ is that boy over there? HeĂââ“s my cousin.
j. ______________ is her birthday? In January.


5. Fill in the text with the correct form of the verb to be and have (got).

My name _________ James and I _________ 9 years old. I _________ a
pupil and I ___________ a lot of books.
I ___________ tall and slim. I __________ fair hair and blue eyes. I
_________ funny and smart.
My parents _________ great. They _________ kind and friendly. My mother
__________ a doctor and my father _________ an engineer. Mother ___________ blue eyes, just like me. She _________ very pretty. Father __________ tall and he ___________ fair hair and green eyes. They _________ the best parents in the world.
I __________ any brothers, but I _________ a sister. Her name _________ Diana and she ___________ only two years old. She __________ a cute baby, but she __________ very tall.
I ___________ a lot of friends, too.
I __________ a pet cat named Tina. She _________ grey fur and silver eyes. She _________ funny and cute. We _________ very good friends.
This __________ all about me. Please write to me and tell me about yourself.
Best wishes


PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte)

Write a letter to James telling him about you. Use the letter above as an example.
Do not use more than 80 words.



Ăâ Se puncteazĂ“ƒ oricare alte formulĂ“ƒri/ modalitĂ“ƒĂÂi de rezolvare corectĂ“ƒ a cerinĂÂelor.
Ăâ Nu se acordĂ“ƒ punctaje intermediare, altele decĂÂt cele precizate explicit prin barem.
Ăâ Se acordĂ“ƒ 10 puncte din oficiu. Nota finalĂ“ƒ se calculeazĂ“ƒ prin ĂÂmpĂ“ƒrĂÂirea punctajului total acordat pentru test la 10.

PARTEA I (60 de puncte)

1. 10 x 1p=10 points
1) eating; 2) under; 3) down; 4) watch; 5) teeth; 6) thief; 7) in; 8) spending; 9) on; 10) LetĂââ“s.

2. 10 x 1p= 10 points
1) is reading; 2) is cooking; 3) ItĂââ“s snowing; 4) tidies; 5) are not playing; 6) starts; 7) is playing; 8) does not visit; 9) goes; 10) are swimming.

3. 4 x 0,5 p= 2 points
a) bushes; b) mice; c) radios; d) potatoes.

4. 10 x 1p=10 points
a. Why; b. When; c. Whose; d. How much; e. Where; f. How many; g. Where; h. What; i. Who; j. When.

5. 28 x 1p=28 points
is, am, am, have, am, have, am, are, are, is, is, has, is, is, has (got), are, do not have, have, is, is, is, is, have, have, has, is, are, is.

PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte)

4 points for appropriately beginning and ending the letter:
2 points the beginning: Dear + the friendĂââ“s name/ Hello
2 points the ending: Best wishes + the senderĂââ“s name
6 points for correct grammar structures and connectors
5 points for the use of appropriate vocabulary
10 points for covering the aspects demanded by the task
3 points for a balanced structure (greeting/introduction, content)
2 points for the general impression
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