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Anul scolar 2011-2012

Limba englezĂ“ƒ
Clasa a VII- a L1
Numele si prenumele elevului:
Data susĂÂinerii testului:


Ăâ Pentru rezolvarea corectĂ“ƒ a tuturor cerinĂÂelor din Partea I si din Partea a II-a se acordĂ“ƒ 90 de puncte. Din oficiu se acordĂ“ƒ 10 puncte.
Ăâ Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 45 de minute.

PARTEA I (60 de puncte)

A. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of Present Simple or Present Continuous:

Dear Molly,
I 1) ______ (write) from the gorgeous island of Jamaica! Jim and I 2)____ (stay) in a five-star hotel by the sea. Right now, I 3)_____ (sit) on the balcony and I 4)___ (drink) a delicious fruit punch. Jim 5)___ (walk) along the beach. The weather is hot and sunny. Tonight we 6)____ (go) to a festival. The Jamaican people 7)_____ (make) you feel happy as they 8) ______ (be) cheerful and kind. I 9)____ (love) it here so much that I 10)_____ (not/want) to leave! See you soon!

B. Use the verbs given in the Past tense to fill in the blanks: chase, feel, be, shout, drive, stop, begin, try, take, come.

Gordon and Celine decided to go to Red Rock Safari Park. First, they 1) ___ into the park and Gordon 2)____ the car. He 3)_____ some pictures of the lions. After
that, he 4)____ to start the car again. Suddenly, smoke 5)______ to come out
of the engine. A few minutes later, the front of the car 6)______ on fire, so Celine beeped the horn and 7)______ for help. Just then, a park ranger 8)____ along in his jeep to help them. Finally, another jeep arrived and 9)_____ the lions away. Gordon and Celine 10)_____ very lucky to be alive.

C. Ask questions to which the words underlined are the answers:

Lily lives in Greendale. She is a typist. She works in an office in the town centre. In her spare time, Lily likes to do sports. Her best friend is Sophie. They met two years ago when they were at university. They are friends because they have the same hobbies. They go walking together once a week. Sophie drives them to the countryside in her car. Lily and Sophie are having a rest at the moment. Sophie is tired today because she went to bed very late last night.
a. ___________________________________
b. ___________________________________
c. ___________________________________
d. ___________________________________
e. ___________________________________
f. ___________________________________
g. ___________________________________
i. ____________________________________
j. ____________________________________

D. Underline the correct adjective:

a. The streets in Los Angeles are very crowded/heavy.
b. Big cities are often quiet/noisy and polluted.
c. The street was too narrow/wide. Tom couldnĂââ“t drive his new jeep along it.
d. He couldnĂââ“t buy the shoes because they were too expensive/cheap.
e. HeĂââ“s a very clever/silly child. He knows all the answers.
f. DonĂââ“t go near the river, itĂââ“s very safe / dangerous!
g. That is a(n) difficult/easy question. I canĂââ“t answer it.
h. It was a boiling cold/hot day, so we went to the beach.
i. He wasnĂââ“t scared when the fire started. He was very brave/blind.
j. I like my teacher. Her lessons are very interesting / dull.

PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte)

E. Write a letter to a friend of yours telling him/her about your summer holiday.
You should include information about the places you visited, the weather, the activities, the location, food and people you met. Do not use more than 100 words.
Start and end your letter in an appropriate way.


Ăâ Se puncteazĂ“ƒ oricare alte formulĂ“ƒri/ modalitĂ“ƒĂÂi de rezolvare corectĂ“ƒ a cerinĂÂelor.
Ăâ Nu se acordĂ“ƒ punctaje intermediare, altele decĂÂt cele precizate explicit prin barem. Nu se acordĂ“ƒ fracĂÂiuni de punct.
Ăâ Se acordĂ“ƒ 10 puncte din oficiu. Nota finalĂ“ƒ se calculeazĂ“ƒ prin ĂÂmpĂ“ƒrĂÂirea punctajului total acordat pentru test la 10.

PARTEA I (60 de puncte)

A. 10 x 1p=10 points
1. am writing; 2. are staying; 3. am sitting; 4. (am) drinking; 5. is walking; 6. are going; 7. make; 8 are; 9. am loving; 10. donĂââ“t want.

B. 10 x 2p= 20 points (1 point for each verb placed in the correct gap + 1 point for each correct form of the verb)
1. drove; 2. stopped; 3. took; 4. tried; 5. began; 6. was; 7. shouted; 8. came; 9. chased; 10. felt.

C. 10 x 2p= 20 points (1 point for each correct question word + 1 point for the correct word order in each question)
a. Where does Lily live?
b. What is her job? / What does she do?
c. Where does she work?
d. What does she like to do in her free time?
e. Who is her best friend? / What is the name of her best friend?
f. When did they meet? / How long ago did they meet?
g. How often do they go walking together?
h. Who drives them to the country side?
i. What are they doing at the moment?
j. Why is Sophie tired today?

D. 10 x 1p= 10 points
a. crowded; b. noisy; c. narrow; d. expensive; e. clever; f. dangerous; g. difficult; h. hot; i. brave; j. interesting.

PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte)

E. 4 points for appropriately beginning and ending the letter:

- 2 points the beginning: Dear + the friendĂââ“s name
- 2 points the ending: Best wishes / Love / Lots of love /Yours + the senderĂââ“s name

6 points for correct grammar structures and connectors
5 points for the use of appropriate vocabulary
10 points for covering the aspects demanded by the task
3 points for a balanced structure (greeting/introduction, content, conclusion)
2 points for the general impression
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